Celebrate & Discover Unique Destinations

One of the best ways to immerse oneself in diverse cultures is to visit the local markets in each place, otherwise known as bazaars. These marketplaces display the unique art and craftsmanship present in regions all over the world. Artisans line the streets in booths displaying vibrant works of art, handmade items, and other objects that showcase the soul of their homeland. These items are often a tribute to the influence and materials of the region and truly demonstrate the mastery of craft practiced by the local merchants.


This week, we at Wisteria are delighted to share the experience of treasure hunting around the world with our customers. We are putting on a Weeklong World of Bazaars Sale that highlights the beauty and distinct styles of six different regions across the globe, culminating in a three-day Independence Day Event celebrating all things USA. Read on to explore with us!

Memories of a French Foire

Antiquing and wandering about the small marché, foires, and roadside stalls in and around Paris and the French countryside is a special treat. Finish your day with a glass of Chablis and a Croque monsieur, and you will be well on your way to living an easy life of leisure. It is the little things such as this that make treasure hunting a captivating and memorable experience! These French markets are important events in smaller towns and offer an array of goods from crafts, arts, and food, to vintage clothing and furniture. Designers travel from all over the world to treasure hunt in Paris because of the rare finds. 

Journey through an Italian Paradiso

Italy is a place full of exploration, history, and endless beauty. Whether you are strolling the medieval streets of Tuscany or strutting the modern lanes of Milan, you will soon find the commonality of exceptional craftsmanship throughout all of Italy. In your travels you might spot weathered, hand carved intricate designs being made in the same way they have been crafted for thousands of years. Historic art meets the eye at every turn, surely an inspiration to the skilled artisans you’ll meet along the way. Don’t forget to rest and enjoy traditional meals made from the simplest ingredients, paired with a diverse collection of dry red wines. The various regions of Italy each offer unique products, guaranteeing to surprise and delight no matter what you are searching for.

Exploring an Indian Mela

India is a land of color, festivals and memorable sights! Visiting a mela or a bazaar in the heart of one of India’s older cities like Delhi, Patna, Hyderabad or Pushkar – will leave you awestruck. The Pushkar Mela for example, is one of the biggest of such events and a place to find all kinds of treasures from embroidered home goods to colorful home décor, lighting and art objects (and of course the obligatory Camel!). After all it is the world’s largest camel fair!

India is as diverse as the wide array of merchandise offered at these fairs, melas and bazaars. We have curated a small sample of crafts and furniture items from these vibrant marketplaces to bring the soul of India to you.  

Traversing an African Street Market

Africa is a land of adventure, vistas, and endless beauty. There is no singular experience across this diverse continent. Street markets abound from Johannesburg, to Accra, to Cairo, filled to the brim with people and handmade goods. Exploring these bustling bazaars with zeal is the best way to be immersed in the local cultures. Handwoven baskets, ornaments, vases, tables, rugs, and more tell stories through their every stitch. The craftsmanship is truly remarkable, visible in the intricate designs and vibrant colors that evoke the diversity so integral to this remarkable part of the world. Natural fibers are utilized in delicate pieces like grass tablemats and carvings, demonstrating the mastery of the artisans. Perusing these markets is an enriching experience that will leave you delighted and inspired! 

A Taste for Asian Flare

Bazaars, outdoor markets, and road-side stalls are prolific and common all over Asia. The fact that you can buy almost anything your heart desires at these venues is incredible and most patrons have come to expect this! What is particularly exciting is the array of small hand-made crafts artisanal merchandise, and unique local curios.  

Markets can be small or large and can be day markets or like the Hong Kong Night Market – a fun nocturnal adventure. As a salute to these events we are including a One-Day Asian Inspired Bazaar!

Salute and Celebrate this Independence Day

America is often referred to as a melting pot, filled with a combination of cultures and people throughout the nation. One singular thread that unites the USA is a celebration of all things Red, White, and Blue, especially during the 4th of July. During our World of Bazaar Sale, we are paying tribute this holiday weekend with products inspired by materials, cities, & manufacturers found in the USA. Enjoy our curated collection of items inspired by all the local events that make Independence Day celebrations both unique and special.  

World of Bazaars is a wonderful week-long event that takes you through the markets, souks, melas, bazaars, and fetes of the world – bringing to you each day a small selection of items celebrating a unique destination, culture, or artisanal style. We want to take you around the world so you too can feel the excitement of finding a bargain, something special and unexpected, and discovery. Join us during our week-long celebration ending on July 4th weekend with an all-American finale!