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Everywhere Pendant


Everywhere Pendant


In most U.S. homes, light fixtures are afterthoughts--if they’re given any thought at all--which is a shame. Elsewhere in the world, statement-making fixtures are invited into every room of the house; they’re considered jewelry in that they sparkle and put the finishing touch on a room’s decor.

Take our Everywhere Pendant, for instance. Its bell shape is elegant and simple, and its wooden base gives way to a polished glass shade. It’s sized so it could be installed in multiples, say, over a kitchen island or desk, or a trio could be hung at various heights over a kitchen table for a tasteful vignette. As its name suggests, it can go almost anywhere and be right at home.

Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 15 in inches. Finish: Natural. Materials: Glass & Wood. Imported. Handling Fee is $20.