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Pella Cabinet


A childhood friend, Alecia, asked for my help in furnishing her just-bought brick A-frame in small-town Iowa. (Side note: Few places are as glorious as rural Iowa in summertime!) The rooms were small--but they were hers! For her bedroom, I recommended anchoring one wall with a large cabinet with tons of storage to give the space a focal point and a spot to stash ephemera. She was wary of its size at first--that is, until we were able to stash untold piles into its recesses, even a flat-screen TV! I figured there are lots of people who could use such a piece, so I proudly introduce our Pella Cabinet. Made of reclaimed pine with a soft gray finish, it includes four cabinets with adjustable shelves and one large cupboard that fits a TV, plus four nice deep drawers. It’s like an armoire and dresser rolled into one. Dimensions: 85 x 25 x 82 in inches. Imported. Handling Fee is $125.