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Salisbury Pendant


Every time I go to the beach, time seems to stand still. The water and the waves refresh me, both body and spirit, and I come away with renewed vigor and inspiration. The last time I was on the Massachusetts coast, I was staying in a little rental cottage with rugged but beautiful furnishings. I was especially intrigued by an iron chandelier that was partially wrapped in thin rope--the mix of the metal and the rope was a delightful contrast that suited our spot on the beach.

It inspired our own Salisbury Pendant, a simple, cone-shaped wrought iron fixture hanging from a chain wrapped artfully in abaca rope for a dose of seafaring texture. The shade’s interior is white, so it bounces light beautifully around the room.

Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 15.5 in inches. Finish: Sugar White & Blacksmith & Natural Rope. Materials: Wrought Iron & Abaca Rope. Imported. Handling Fee is $20.