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The Explorer's Field Compass


The Explorer's Field Compass


A symbol for the adventurous spirit that dwells within mankind. Ever since the first homo sapiens took to exploration and started their journey out of Africa - man has had a relentless thirst for knowledge, self-actualization, and the longing for immortal discovery. This simple direction finder offers untold possibilities. This compass is symbolic of man's everlasting pursuit for new beginnings and new discoveries.

As a traditional inuksuk shows the way so does the compass - keeping one from doubting themselves and in that, losing their way. A compass always shows you the true North and that keeps you on purpose and moving forward. The most valuable asset when you are looking to discover a new world or experience. This wonderfully crafted Compass is a must for those who want to constantly keep the spirit of discovery alive. Material: Mango Wood. Imported.

Overall Dimensions: Dimensions: 3.1"w x 3.1"d x 0.9"h

Material: Mango Wood, Brass & Glass

Finish: Honey Distressed French Finish

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