Materials Matter: Natural Fibers

The World. Yours to Discover.

Our Wisteria motto encapsulates two of our most important brand values: bringing global designs to American homes and celebrating the skilled artisans that produce such marvelous treasures. One of the most exciting aspects of traveling to new places is visiting local marketplaces. Artisanal goods of all kinds abound atop tables, coloring the street with the vibrancy of the creative spirit. The greatest pleasure is the opportunity to know more about the hands that make unique items of beauty, and we hope to share that experience with you, dear reader, wherever in the world you may be. Join us to learn more about our collection of striking handwoven décor that empower the artisans that produce them – introducing: The Africa Gallery.

Bring the Beauty of Nature to your Walls

All the items within this collection are made from natural fibers sourced sustainably in rural villages in Africa. These designs utilize elephant grass, sisal, raffia, and banana fibers. When compared to their frequently used counterpart of seagrass, these fibers are notably stronger and more durable. Not only are the fibers sustainably sourced through harvesting, but they are also sun-dried and only colored with organic dyes. The entire production process focuses on clean energy and the use of natural materials. This is apparent in the quality of these designs, which comes from both the aforementioned fibers and the double-weave construction practiced by the artisans.

Empowering Women & Communities in Africa

Central to the mission of this enterprise is ensuring fair wages across all artisan work in order to most directly support the weavers, and further, create a deeper economic impact in their communities at large. Indicators of this impact are present in the collective economic activity within these communities: over 90% of these Artisans have purchased livestock or land as an investment, are able or have been able to send their children to primary school, and now have active savings accounts. This means that artisans can afford a better life for themselves and their family, cover essential costs of living, and begin to experience economic stability. Overall, when more money is in local markets, artisans have the spending power to create new jobs and opportunities in a variety of sectors that reach beyond just the handicrafts industry.

Weaving Together Tradition and Modern Design

These handwoven items are not only socially impactful and environmentally conscious, but at their core they are unique and beautiful. Some of our favorite items are the baskets, because not only do they come in many striking designs and colors, but they are also versatile. Each basket comes with a smart loop so it can be used as a fun fruit basket on your tabletop or hang in any room as intriguing wall art. The extensive variety of designs also work nicely in groups – many of our customers buy the wall hangings in threes, combining complimentary palettes and designs into stunning displays. Not to be forgotten are the whimsical Christmas ornaments and garlands in the collection. Add some global flair to your tree this year with any of these unique finds. Check out of few our favorites.

In the spirit of the season, we wanted to highlight this amazing collection. Every purchase helps to support these incredible artisans and share their talents and treasures with people across the world. These works of art are not only special to own but even more special as meaningful gifts to loved ones. Gifting these handwoven designs is a great opportunity to give to others in more ways than one. Happy Holidays, dear reader, from Wisteria!