Artisans and Craftsmen

Can there ever be a world without artists, dreamers and intellectuals? Would it be a place we would want to live in? Every human, from the dawn of time has sought to create with their hands –tools, practical items and objects of great beauty and perfection with craftsmanship and dare.

It takes a master craftsman the proverbial 10,000 hours to perfect his or her trade – starting as an apprentice, they toil for years making small but distinguishable progress, and with each accomplishment a little higher in the attainment of their vision of their goals for perfection. Till one day they arrive. We celebrate this and believe in this.

In our products you find a mix of everyday items made with attention to detail and a rich tapestry of items that are finely crafted, with the knowledge of centuries and the precision of a master craftsmen. It brings us at Wisteria great joy to provide these artisans and craftsmen a platform for them to show case their creations and for us to bring their unique gifts to our customers.

We hope you will enjoy this as much as we do – the world is your oyster.