Purpose Driven

At Wisteria we want to give to and recognize those that help us in both good times and through troubled times. Times when we have needed a shoulder to lean on or a kind word of encouragement. We want to spread hope. We want to support the people and communities we are in. We recognize that we are all connected to each other in some great mystical fashion and that the universe is meant to be a place to be shared by all – equally with consideration for others.

We want to have a positive impact on the roads we travel, the journeys we take and the people we partner with. We want to create a mutually -beneficial eco-system – that makes all parties winners. We also want to be good stewards of our planet and foster greater tolerance and love for our environment and find ways to support the many different efforts to preserve our flora and fauna for future generations.

At Wisteria, we awake with the thought that we would like to make a small difference. Every year we pick a small number of organizations to work with so we can help them continue their mission to help others and make our planet a better place for all.