Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Where Second Chances Create Timeless Beauty


At Wisteria, we are passionate about sustainability; giving old things a new life and a new beginning.

Uniqueness Exemplified

Each piece is carefully handpicked or crafted using reclaimed wood, making them truly unique in design and dimensions. The variations you see in our collection reflect the individuality of the materials we use, each with its own story to tell. What truly sets our reclaimed wood furniture apart is the concept of second chances.

Reviving Vintage Treasures

Just like the reclaimed wood that finds new life in our furniture, our collaboration with esteemed Asian partners is at the heart of this transformation. Together, we give these vintage treasures a second chance to shine. The process not only preserves the integrity of the wood but also honors its history, adding depth and character to every piece we create.

Bringing History Home

When you choose a reclaimed wood product from Wisteria, you're not just bringing home furniture; you're adopting a piece of history and a narrative waiting to enrich your own story. Our collection includes furniture crafted from reclaimed Pine, Fir, Teak, and more. Whether it's a rustic bench, a charming coffee table, or a stylish sideboard, each piece embodies the spirit of second chances and enduring design.

Resilience and Renewal: The Story Behind Our Furniture

Much like the concept of reclaimed wood, our furniture tells a story of resilience and renewal. It's a testament to the idea that setbacks are not the end but a chance to come back stronger, just as these materials have found new life in our timeless designs. So, as you browse our collection, remember that every piece is more than just furniture; it's a piece of history, a symbol of second chances, and a beautiful addition to your home.