Recycle, Reuse & Remake

The 3R Mantra is a passion that has continued to grow with us. We want to give old things a new life and a new beginning. If we can salvage, re-claim or re-purpose materials and items to a new form that can be saved from a landfill, and save the planet in many meaningful ways, we would want to be at the front of the line

There is also so much beauty and patina in products that have been bought back – using re-claimed pines from old planks on a sideboard, or using old milk jugs to fashion outdoor furniture, taking old soft drink cans and repurposing it into a beautiful artisanal bowl – the opportunity is endless and wonderful, and we want Wisteria to be a part of this new social consciousness.

We are working to develop a small but meaningful array of products that have this inherent philosophy of reinvention at their core – we believe that this is Gods work – regardless of our teams’ faith and religion we all believe in this universally.