Wonders of The World

Even as we seek to create and recreate the trappings of daily life, we want to look for truly amazing and inspired ideas and creations to infuse a vibrancy and color to our collections and products.

We would like to travel to the Taj Mahal, and bring you back a small sliver of a memory that you can make your own. Or take a trip to far away Madagascar and bring back artful objects that capture the majesty of that land. We want to share with you the wonder and awe of a starry night on the outback in the shadows of Uluru, a sunrise over the mighty Kanchenjunga from a vantage point in Kalimpong, or the site of the mighty African plains by the light of a setting sun from a verandah of a lodge in the Serengeti. We want you to be able to experience this, and leave you wondering at the infiniteness of the world and its beauty. We want to capture the beauty of this in our stories and products.

At Wisteria we want to keep a sense of imagination and that child-like naivety alive so we can see everything around us with a fresh new perspective and appreciate every little thing with a sense of awe. We hope we can transform this sentiment into new and innovative ideas that will both surprise and delight you as you journey with us on our many voyages of adventure in the coming times.