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Halle Cane Back Chair


Who doesn’t like a little extra width in their seat? It’s the perfect chair for my knitting projects. I can sit with the yarn and my project spread across my lap, and still have some extra room. The arms of the chair are the perfect height for resting my elbows.
I admit that I bought the Halle Cane Back Chair, in a natural finish for the living room, as furniture to be enjoyed by guests. I don’t feel at all guilty enjoying it even without them. I fell in love with the natural color and look of these. They look so elegant with their long wooden feet.

This Wisteria exclusive is elegantly hand-made to our specifications and design and has been a popular item in our collection for a few years. It’s timeless in style, beautiful, and practical. This fine furniture is made with attention to every detail and with you in mind. This Wisteria Classic Design is made with hand-picked materials and to exact technical standards. Each design has been tested and carefully crafted to the correct proportions. This makes every aspect of the design appear in perfect harmony and in perfect relation to other aspects of the design. At every opportunity, we put additional emphasis on craftsmanship, hand-made quality, and ensure structural strength to withstand years of use. This is part of our Wisteria Satisfaction Guarantee for this Collection.

Even when I’m not knitting, sometimes I like to sit here and listen to my daughter practice her piano. She’s gotten much better, and it’s even lulled me to sleep in this cushioned chair. I’ve had so many fond memories just sitting in this exact chair. It's comfortable, a bit homey, and of course just perfect for lounging, and that is why we have a set of them. Dimensions: 29 x 32.5 x 38 in inches. Imported. Handling Fee is $100.

This is a made-to-order item. Since these are built to your specific requirements, this item has a 12-14 weeks lead time from receiving your order.